New Clients

 Capo & Ruby.  Best friends or enemies?

Capo & Ruby.  Best friends or enemies?


Please contact Caitlin for rate information.  These may vary, depending on where you live.  You may reach her by calling 518.669.1233 or emailing

Currently Caitlin is treating cats and dogs in the comfort of their own homes. Before their treatment, I will need you to obtain a referral from your veterinarian*.  If you have access to a printer, please also fill out the following forms:

*In the state of Massachusetts, you are required to obtain a referral from your veterinarian before acupuncture and/or herbs can be administered to your pet. Please contact your veterinarian and obtain this referral. They may use my Acupuncture Referral Form by clicking here. Please either email me the form or have the vet email it directly to  Thank you!  

Interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine for yourself?
In addition to home visits for people, I also see human patients at our office in Arlington.  You can always come there for a treatment - just email to set up an appointment. You may also want to check out for more info.